3 Signs it’s Time for a New Furnace

By September 2, 2015 Uncategorized

Today’s HVAC/R systems are more durable, efficient and effective than ever before. With it quietly working away in the background keeping you warm and toasty, it’s possible to forget all about your furnace. Until it stops working like it used to!

Before you find yourself literally out in the cold, here are three sure signs that it’s time to replace your furnace to keep in mind.

Its Showing Its Age

While it depends a little on the make and model of the unit, modern furnaces generally last about 15-20 years. It’s better to work furnace replacement into your overall home improvement plans, rather than making a snap decision in a panic.

If your home is about 15-20 years old, your furnace’s number is probably almost up. If you have no idea how old your furnace is, look for clues. Sometimes there’s an inspection tag with contact information and the date of service that is placed by the company that installed it.

Utility Bills Are Creeping Up

Hydro and gas bills can increase a little every year due to normal fluctuations in rates and usage. Your utility bills can also vary a lot based on the weather. For obvious reasons, it’s cheaper to heat your house in a warm winter than it is during an exceptionally cold one.

However, sudden and unexplained shifts in your year over year utility bills may be a sign that your furnace is no longer working efficiently.

The Thermostat is Constantly WRONG!

The thermostat says it’s room temperature in the living room, but you’re pretty sure that it’s hovering somewhere closer to the freezing mark. It may not be all in your head.

Constant nudges to the temperature setting may indicate that your furnace is no longer up to the task of keeping you comfortable in your home.

Do you think you’re in need of furnace repair or furnace replacement? Work with an HVAC/R specialist to be sure. We can help! With over 20 years of experience in Kelowna, BC, we know how to help you keep the temperature in your home just as you like it.

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