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By November 12, 2015 HVAC Blog
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4 Ways to Cut Heating Costs

Nobody can control the weather, so you have to do what you can to make your home comfortable when it’s blustery outside. But with the changing of the season comes a whole new worry for homeowners in the Okanagan: rising heating costs.

Try these tips to help keep things warm and toasty inside, without breaking the bank.

Dress for the Weather

We know, it’s hard to make the switch from shorts and t-shirts to sweaters and pants, but it has to be done sometime, and it might as well be now.

Consider this: If you can keep the temperature in the house just one degree lower for eight hours, it can reduce your heating costs by one percent. A programmable thermostat that lowers the temperature by 10 degrees when everybody is out at work or school all day can decrease your heating costs by 10%. And you won’t even notice the difference!

Keep Cold Air Out, Warm Air In

Blocking drafts at doorways with a rolled-up towel, and take the time to shrink film over windows this year. These simple tips allow a room to keep an extra 50% of its heat. We’d all like it to stay warmer outside all year, but heat loss from your house is just not the way to make it happen!

Close Vents in Unheated Spaces

Is anyone but the family cat sleeping in the guest room tonight? No? Then you should consider closing the vents. The cat probably won’t mind. You also should do the same for any spaces in the home that are infrequently used, like the laundry room or the dining room if it doesn’t open to the living room. You can always open the vent if you’re going to be using the room for any length of time.

Schedule an Appointment to Service the Furnace

It’s a fact: A well-maintained furnace is an efficient furnace. Something as simple as a good cleaning and replacement filters can help keep your heating costs lower. A furnace that’s not functioning properly can cost you a lot of money, especially when it’s working overtime to keep you warm.

Working with our team of specialists in Kelowna, BC, is one way to make sure you stay warm this winter. Be sure to give us a call for any of your home heating and air conditioning needs.


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