Renovating? Make Sure Your Furnace is Ready!

By January 27, 2016 HVAC Blog

In the ongoing real estate boom in B.C., the average home price in Kelowna increased by 10% last year, and it appears the sky just may be the limit to housing prices. This is great news for your investment, but if you’re hoping to upsize your current home, it can pose a bit of a challenge.

That’s why more and more people are turning to renovations to get more out of their current home. If you are planning an addition or a significant renovation, don’t forget about your furnace. It may be worthwhile to consider an upgrade of your HVAC system at the same time.

More Space = More Heating Demands

If your furnace was installed by a qualified heating contractor, then there is no doubt they took the overall square footage of your home into account when recommending the size of the heating and cooling systems for the space. If you are renovating an area in your home that was previously not in much use, like the basement or the attic, your old furnace and air conditioner may not be properly balanced for the new, larger space.

The investment in a new home comfort system may not be one you planned for when you decided to renovate your home, but it’s one you will quickly come to appreciate.

The Perfect Time for a New Heating Source

If you have an older heating system, or you’re still using electric baseboard heaters, upgrading to a forced-air gas system is a huge undertaking. Unless… The house is already stripped virtually bare as it undergoes a significant renovation project. In fact, a major renovation is a perfect time to consider another type of heating system. Once again, it’s not an inexpensive proposition, but it will certainly have a positive influence on your home’s resale value.

As an added bonus, if you make the switch now, you can enjoy the whole-home comfort that comes with central air conditioning this summer. You may never leave the house again!


Our HVAC specialists want to make sure your Kelowna home is a cozy place to be at any time of year. Contact us for an evaluation of your heating and cooling equipment, especially when you are planning a major home renovation project. We can help you come up with a heating and cooling plan that works well in your new space.

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